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Posted 15.01.18

It’s no secret – treat people with kindness and it’ll make both parties feel good. By applying this to the workplace, and by treating your employees with kindness, as an employer, you’ll also feel a benefit.

This #KindnessDay we thought we ‘d look at the 5 benefits of treating employees with kindness.

Increased Productivity and Loyalty

When an employee knows their company cares about them, they start to care about their company. If you get your employees to a stage where they genuinely care about the company and its successes, they will work harder.

Stronger Customer Relationships

Unhappy employees = unhappy customers. Therefore, it’s important to keep your employees positive and remind them of their value which in turn will increase the level of customer satisfaction.

Less Stress = Fewer Sick Days

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, by treating your employees well as a consequence you’ll be helping to reduce workplace stress, which in turn will improve an employee’s health meaning better job satisfaction as well as less sick days.

Higher Employee Retention

Treating employees well will reduce the chances of them leaving.

Good Reputation

Employers with a good reputation for looking after their employees generally attract the best possible potential employees.

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