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Posted 16.01.18

As Recruitment Grapevine reports, Udemy Leadership Coach Lawrence Miller, told Fast Company that it’s having the hirer in the interviewer’s hot seat that is a “terrible environment and exercise for making judgments about people”.

He continued: “The interviewer is a poor observer because he or she is performing at the same time. [Instead] you are a much better observer of behaviour when you can sit back and watch the candidates perform in a simulation that calls on the same skills required in the job.”

Miller’s theory is that candidates should first interview himself and his team and then finally each other.

By allowing candidates to interview you, Miller states “It helps them decide whether they want to work for us; a job is, after all, a marriage…They could ask absolutely any question that they felt was important to their decision.”

Miller further states: “We most appreciated when they asked questions like, ‘What happens when a client is unhappy with your performance?’ Or, ‘How do we know that you are financially secure?’ If they’re not curious about anything, it’s not a good sign.”

Next up, the candidates interviewing the candidates.

“I told them, ‘You’re probably as qualified as we are to do this interview, so we are going to ask you to interview each other and then recommend to us who we should hire—somebody other than yourself,” Miller explains. “I deliberately folded my arms and pushed my chair away from the table, clearly indicating that the ball was now in their court.”

Miller gave each candidate these four questions post-interview:

Who would you hire and why?

Who do you think is most technically competent to do this job?

Who has the best skills?

Who would you choose to be stranded with in an airport during a snowstorm?

“The last question was a good indicator of likeability,” says Miller. “We found that question to be the most reliable, because, in the kind of consulting we did, it was a really good predictor of who would succeed.”

Well, there you have it hiring managers – your job just got easier!

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