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Posted 16.01.18

Abbie McGann, a Client Relationship Manager in our National Sales team, takes us through the looking glass to show us what life is like at Cordant People.

Hi everyone, I’m Abbie – and welcome to a day in my life¬†ūüėä

Before I even start work, I drop off my baby in Nursery and 2 older children in Breakfast Club – being a mum of three almost makes work seem like a break… almost.

As part of the national sales team, you could find me in one of our forty-six branches or one of our six fulfilment centres around the UK, but I usually work in Warrington or Manchester, with me being in Grappenhall.

Since it’s a¬†Friday, I have a conference call at 8 am with the Sales team for the whole of the Cordant Group. We all go through what we have achieved for that week, where we have had wins of course and also any hiccups¬†that we can all learn from. Even though it’s early, I¬†love¬†this call. At Cordant we are all extremely transparent so it makes being in a sales role so much easier.
We help each other out – there’s a real family feel to this business.
After the call, it’s time to check in with any branches that are working on any projects with me, or bookings/vacancies to see how I can offer any assistance/guidance on getting these filled for our clients. I will then have an hour or so on my prospect sales.
Then it’s lunchtime! If I’m lucky and myself and the boss, Gary Bradley,¬†are in the same place, which isn’t often, we can be found having a catch up over some nice (but naughty) food. It isn’t good for the diet but it is good for morale. We then spend some time going over anything that may have cropped up during the week with our clients/branches and to see if we can do anything better – we’re always looking for ways to improve.
My afternoons usually consists of¬†meetings anywhere in the country. I am pretty much fully autonomous and spend most of my time out on the road. I can either be found with our existing clients, on-site, checking they are well and seeing if there’s anything they need from us to make our service to them even better or I can be found on site with a new client, donuts in hand (always), to see if I can make their recruitment process easier and a lot less stressful for them.
To wrap up, I do a weekly report for Gary so he knows what progress I’ve made that week with various clients and potential new ones and also if I’ve had any issues where he may be able to assist or look at them from a different viewpoint to offer some advice to me. To be honest, he’s a very supportive manager and I’m very lucky.
My day ends with me picking my 3 fabulous children up from Nursery and After School Clubs at 6 PM then go home and be a mum for a couple of hours with homework, dinner, baths and quality time until they are all in bed.
I will then spend the evening either doing my¬†Open University¬†Degree¬†or writing some more of my book. I like a hectic lifestyle, and with being a full time working mum of 3, it certainly does get ‘hectic’!
When I had my baby 9 months ago, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to return to work full time, but Cordant People have made that easy for me and I fully appreciate what they do for me with regards to never missing out on things like Sports Days.
I absolutely LOVE my job.
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