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The benefits of cycling to work

Working Advice | Posted 16.05.18

With this week being national #BikeWeek we thought we’d explore some of the benefits that cycling to work can bring you and the world around you! So without further ado, here’re 8 reasons why you should consider getting back in the saddle and cycling to work. It’s fun! By cycling to work, you allow yourself…

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Candidate turns to stone to land dream job

News | Posted 14.05.18

We’ve previously reported on the number of creative ways in which hopeful jobseekers have tried to stand out from the job hunting crowd but one 23-year old graduate, Jade Delaney, might have just taken the cake. As Bristol Live reports, Delaney was struggling to get her foot on the career ladder and was having trouble…

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Microchipping Workers: Is this the future?

News | Posted 08.05.18

Three Square Market, a Wisconsin based tech company, has recently become one of the first businesses on the globe to microchip their staff. “Why?” I hear you ask? Well, it’s not so they can control their employees through mind control or even give them superhuman strength, it’s for a much more practical reason – so…

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job hunting interview

Is this the end of job hunting?

Job Hunting | Posted 02.05.18

Tech experts are suggesting that more automation will be used in the future of job-searching and hiring. Not a big fan of long application forms as a jobseeker? Find interviewing potential candidates a laborious process as a hiring manager? Well, you may just be in luck as the future of job searching and hiring seems…

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