Roald Dahl Day willy wonka

Posted 03.09.18

We all grew up on his fantastic tales about talking foxes, giant peaches, and marvellous medicine but what about his most famous entrepreneur?

Willy Wonka is probably the best-known factory owner in the world, and the most mysterious. But when Roald let us into the Chocolate Factory in 1964, we got a look at what life working for Mr.Wonka was like.

Now, he might not be the perfect manager (after all, he did turn poor Violet Beauregard into a blueberry), but there are some lessons to be learned in how he runs the Wonka factory.


Willy Wonka might be a little eccentric, but this helps him to think outside the box and develop seemingly impossible products like ice cream that doesn’t melt or moving, chirping chocolate birds.

His attitude is infectious. He’s inventive, charismatic and fun which helps drive enthusiasm and productivity in his employees.


All great managers are committed to success – to the project, team, and business.

Mr.Wonka is so committed to the development of amazing candy that he doesn’t even have an heir to pass his factory down to when he wants to retire, leading to his plan to find one with his Golden Ticket competition.

You probably don’t want to give up your family, but throwing into a project with your team will get you all through trying times.

Spot and develop great talent.

Willy Wonka goes to great lengths to find an heir to the Wonka Empire. But from running his golden ticket competition, he comes across Charlie Bucket.

Though Charlie comes across as timid and quiet, Wonka sees the inner strength and virtue that makes him want to take Charlie on as his protegé.

Inspiring loyalty.

What inspires you to want to work for your boss?

For the Oompa Loompas, it’s their safety in the Wonka factory from the fierce predators of Loompaland and the promise of all the cacao beans they can eat.

In the real world, that means making staff feel safe and appreciated at work. And you won’t have to save any of your staff from being carried away by a hungry Hornswoggler.

Taking what Willy Wonka does and applying it to the real world isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Inspire through creativity, commit to your projects, develop your team, make your team feel safe and appreciated and don’t turn them into blueberries and you’ll soon have a team of staff running at 100%.


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