Posted 30.10.18

There is a natural tendency at this time of year for companies to delay starting their new employees until after Christmas.

The reasoning given for this is usually so they don’t have to pay them for dead time over the festive period or so that someone can have a “clean start” in the New Year.

However, more and more employers are now bucking this trend and pro-actively encouraging their hiring community to welcome their new recruits into the fold before the festive season begins.

When questioned upon this new school of thought, leading engineering companies highlighted the following as reasons for this new approach:

Christmas is the worst time for applicants accepting counter offers.

Christmas parties, drinks, events, atmosphere all soften someone’s impression of their current company and can often lead to a last minute change of heart.

The week between Christmas and New Year is the busiest time for job applications.

Agencies and employers target this time with increased advertising as engineers are now back from working away or offshore, have spare time due to holidays/shutdowns and have “one last look” before starting in their new job in the New Year.

Family get involved.

Decisions that have already been made get re-assessed over Christmas especially if the applicant has not had a chance to discuss it face to face with the family or the new role is going to mean a change in lifestyle (less time with family, change in shifts, change in finances etc.)

Christmas is a great time to ease someone in.

Inductions, completion of initial onboarding (IT/equipment/company vehicle), meet the team, attend OUR Christmas party/events all of this can be done in a festive atmosphere (great first impression) with a view to hitting the ground running straight away in January.

The feeling seems to be that a few weeks investment across the Festive Season is well worth it if negates the risk of a January let down, therefore avoiding an unexpected additional investment of time and money to fill a role they had already filled!


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