Posted 15.03.19

The springtime; a time famed for cleaning and flowers, but why just stop at cleaning out your cupboards? Ever considered spring cleaning your CV too?

Here’re our top tips in order to do just that:

1. Brush Away the Dust

Just how long exactly has it been since you updated your CV? This can seem daunting but simple things such as changing the wording and rejigging the same content but with a fresh pair of eyes can really help to freshen up your CV.

Make sure each company you have worked at is filled with information about some of the things you accomplished while in your role – as well as any tools or software you used while there.

2. Declutter

Your CV can be just like cleaning out any cupboard, you’re going to be met with a few outdated tins of food every once in a while, or in this instance certificates and skills, and thus it needs a little clear out every now and again.

With that being said, If you find you have any outdated skills, software or certificates it might be an idea to remove them and declutter that CV a little.

3. Organise the Relevant!

Now that you’ve decluttered your CV it’s time to organise the relevant! Some of the essential things you should keep, for example, are all of your contact details – you should also consider including a link to your LinkedIn profile in this section.

It’s vital that your CV only contains the most important parts of each stage of your career, nicely summarised (and by no means an essay).

If you’re needing help compiling your CV – pop into your nearest Cordant branch and one of our expert team members will be more than happy to help you with it.

4. Loose Pages

This one’s a pretty simple one – your CV should be a minimum of 2 pages of A4.

In order to achieve this, you should consider using bullet points throughout your CV and as previously stated, briefly summarise the most important parts of each stage of your career in each.


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