Posted 13.08.19

Love A Lefty!

Today marks international Left Handed Day. So in honour of all our left-handed loved ones, we thought we’d showcase the benefits of being a little bit different!

In a world seemingly dominated by rowdy right-handed renegades, it’s about time we showed some love to the left.

1. Better Memories

Keep forgetting to take the bins out? Neglected that now-cold cup of tea? Didn’t pick the kids up from school and now it’s Sunday afternoon and you’re getting worried?

Chances are, if you’re lucky enough to be a lefty, you won’t be faced with these problems as much as your right-handed counterparts. That’s because studies have shown that left-handed people are better at remembering events.

2. Complex Reasoning

Ever wondered why you are yet to win a Nobel Prize? Okay, so your research on Dark Matter was commendable, but maybe it’s your right-handedness that’s really holding you back from glory.

Being left-handed is linked with a greater competence for complex reasoning, leading to a greater proportion of Nobel Prize winners, and even Presidents! 

3. Earning Potential

Once upon a time we were told that if you wanted to earn more money, you got a good education, you worked hard, and you were rewarded thusly. 

However, it may be a little more simple than that. Studies show that left-handed people with a college education tend to earn more than us right-handed mere mortals. If this tactic still isn’t reaping any rewards for you, maybe try doing a scratch card with your left hand?

4. Video Games

Don’t let your mates make fun of you for being the liability of the team. You’re just a lowly right-hander. And yes, this is a valid excuse!

Research has shown that left-handers are better at processing large amounts of information quickly – this translates to better in-game decision making. Looking to claim the $3 million prize at the next Fortnite World Cup? Get yourself a lefty.

5. Self-Control

If your summer body didn’t quite happen this year, or your savings were decimated by an impulse purchase of that thing you didn’t really need but definitely had to have, maybe you’re at a natural disadvantage.

It’s been found that left-handed people have better ‘inhibitory control’, meaning they have heightened self-control. So if you’re in need of a voice of reason in your life, consult your local lefty.

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