The Demise of the CV

Posted 22.08.19

As someone who meets with contact centre managers day in and day out, it’s become apparent that a new way of assessing candidates is needed.

Gone are the days of sending CVs with the same old profile and endless lists of menial duties, taking and receiving calls and other obvious parts of the job. Waiting days for busy hiring managers to find time to review pages of information they already know, pulling them away from their day job and resulting in less time managing and developing the team.

What if we could replace this antiquated recruitment process with one that is relevant? One that tests behaviours and their ability to deal with challenging customers. What if we could test potential and identify future success stories? If companies are hiring based on behaviour and potential, why do we need a CV? How can we identify the hidden gems and reduce the time to hire? Give more time back to the hiring managers reduce the amount of time spent reviewing endless CVs.

Here’s what we know

We understand that it takes time to trust a recruitment partner, after all the proof isn’t in the pudding, it’s in the delivery! That’s why we are incredibly committed to understanding not only your business but your customers too. Once we understand your customers and why they would want to pick up the phone, we can set to work creating a unique way of attracting and screening potential hires.

How many times have you asked competency based questions and heard the same old rehearsed answers? What do they tell you other than this person is good at giving examples of a time where….well you know the rest. Our screening is based on situational judgement and not what they have done in the past. It allows us to test potential and helps us identify the superstars of the future, a far more relevant and modern way of hiring in a candidate short market.

We’re here for you.

So, if you’d like your managers to spend less time wading through CVs and more time hiring the right people, the Cordant People Contact Centre solution could be for you. Find out more and contact the team here.


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