Myth Busting Recruitment

Myth Busting Recruitment; What You Need to Know

Contact Centre | CV Writing | Interview | Job Hunting | Posted 23.09.19

Mythbusting time. So many people believe that to register with a recruitment agency for their next dream job actually incurs a cost to them; it doesn’t Recruitment agencies get their income from organisations and businesses looking to grow their team and by helping them find the right candidates. Put simply, you receive all of the…

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Wellbeing At Work Cordant People

Invest in Wellbeing To Improve Retention

Contact Centre | News | Working Advice | Posted 04.09.19

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce, right? In order to get the most out of your employees it’s sensible to assume that they must be treated well and valued within the workplace. But not enough companies are aware of this, and so neglect the wants and needs of their office. Wellbeing Probably the most…

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