4 Traits Of Toxic Leadership To Avoid

Working Advice | Posted 26.11.19

Toxic leadership in the workplace can have devastating effects on an employee’s wellbeing and mental health. This can result in high absences, low productivity and even employees quitting.  According to a recent study from The Muse, 89% of bosses believe that the main reason their employees quit is because of money. However, 75% of workers…

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Cordant People Are Proud To Support Centrepoint’s Apprenticeship House

News | Posted 22.11.19

Since January 2019, Cordant People have been proud to support the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity, Centrepoint.  Our aim has been to not only fundraise for this incredibly important cause but also to use our skills and expertise as a recruitment business to help young homeless people into the world of work. This month, our…

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Why Are Companies Asking New Employees To Start Before Christmas?

Job Hunting | News | Working Advice | Posted 18.11.19

Christmas is nearly here, which means the season of mince pies and office parties is about to start.  In the past, the festive period often meant that employers asked newly hired staff not to start until after Christmas. This was usually so they don’t have to pay them for ‘dead time’ over the festive period,…

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4 Reasons Businesses Should Offer A Real Living Wage

News | Working Advice | Posted 12.11.19

Employees of businesses who are a part of the ‘real living wage’ scheme will be happy to know that they will have pre-Christmas pay bump!  For them, the UK hourly rate will increase to £9.30 an hour, and in London it will rise to £10.75. This is a big incentive for people looking to work…

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How To Improve Employee Wellbeing In Your Contact Centre

Contact Centre | Working Advice | Posted 11.11.19

Employee wellbeing should be at the forefront of any modern business. A contact centre is an environment in which agents are often dealing with stressful customer queries and complaints. Contact centre managers should be ensuring that their workforce’s mental and physical health is well looked after, as well as providing the opportunity to progress. Employers…

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Why Emotional Intelligence Is Important For Your Contact Centre

Contact Centre | Posted 06.11.19

In a report by McKinsey, it was revealed that ‘70% of customers reduce their commitment to a sale following a negative customer service experience.’ Companies and businesses that invest in customer experience have a clear advantage over their competitors.  In the modern world of work, there are a large number of businesses and companies that…

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How To Make Your CV Sparkle!

Contact Centre | CV Writing | Working Advice | Posted 05.11.19

The CV is one of the most important parts of the job hunt. It’s your chance to give a good first impression to the employer, and it will often dictate your chances of making it through to the next stage of the application process. In many industries, especially at junior or entry-level roles – you’re…

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Coping On Your First Day In A New Job

Contact Centre | Working Advice | Posted 04.11.19

First day in a new job? It can be a scary ordeal, no matter where you are in your career.  You applied for the role, passed the interview and landed the job…but what next? Starting a new job where you don’t know anyone or what to expect in your new position can lead to plenty…

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