Posted 04.12.19

In today’s competitive job market, having a creative CV might seem like a great way to stand out from the crowd. 

The CV is your chance to give a good first impression to the employer, and it will often dictate your chances of making it through to the next stage of the application process. So it’s no surprise that one way to make it stand out would be to get creative. 

In the past, some applicants have used videos, infographics, and even cereal boxes. The question is: should you create a ‘fun’ and ‘wacky’ CV to get an employer’s attention?

We’ve put together some of our pros and cons of creative CVs below!


Creative and ‘nontraditional’ CVs are not for everyone. However, they can be beneficial for certain types of job roles. For example, this type of CV is ideal for applicants looking for a job in a creative industry, such as marketing, video production or design. 

Creative CVs are particularly helpful for job seekers who want to shout about any films, art, blogs or other pieces of work they have accomplished that is relevant to their industry. These nontraditional CVs can help highlight any skills and qualifications an applicant may have in a way that a standard resume cannot. Applicants with a creative CV aren’t just telling the employer what they can do, they’re showing them. The proof is in the pudding so to speak. 

If you’re applying for a job role that is in a creative industry, it might be worth considering getting inventive with your CV to show off your portfolio of work.


While these nontraditional CVs are becoming popular across a variety of creative industries, it doesn’t mean that you should jump on-trend and draft one yourself. Many companies still prefer the traditional format of CV.

Nontraditional CVs work well for creative industries, but not so much if you’re applying for a traditional role such as an accountant, pharmacist or construction job. Chances are that hiring managers in these professions still prefer a standard format of resume that does what it says on the tin.

More importantly, it’s best to follow instructions. If the job advertisement asks for a basic 12-point font CV, don’t apply with a bright and colourful resume! 

Is A Creative CV Right For You?

Ultimately it’s completely dependant on the type of role you’re applying for. Do you need a creative CV if you’re job searching? Not necessarily, but it can help to get noticed by a prospective employer. 

Ask yourself some questions before you start drafting a creative CV. Is this type of resume appropriate for the job role you’re applying for? And most importantly, can you do a good job of creating one? 

As we explained above, it’s no use applying with a creative CV if the job role doesn’t require one. Plus, if you’re going to get creative, your CV needs to look good and still be professional. Otherwise, it can hurt your job prospects rather than help it.

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