Why Is Client Feedback Important During The Recruitment Process?

Job Hunting | Working Advice | Posted 28.01.20

Feedback is essential during the recruitment process, so why does it often get neglected? Recruitment can be a complicated job for any business, but that is why recruiters, like Cordant People, are there to make the process as easy as possible. One aspect of the recruitment process that clients and businesses often overlook or forget…

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What Impact Can AI-Technology Have In Contact Centres?

Contact Centre | Working Advice | Posted 27.01.20

With the start of a new decade, it’s looking more likely that more businesses will begin to implement AI-Technology in their contact centres.  As we have previously mentioned, the start of a new year can mean that dissatisfied employees will start looking for a new job if they feel unmotivated. High staff turnover is a…

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How To Solve 4 Common Contact Centre Challenges

Contact Centre | Working Advice | Posted 24.01.20

Contact centres can be a hard environment to work in, and it often comes with its challenges for both agents and their managers. Especially if your contact centre is just starting up in business! From trying to provide support for frustrated customers, technical issues, tight budgets and more, it can often be very testing. However,…

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4 Tips on How to Stick to Your New Year’s Career Resolutions

Working Advice | Posted 20.01.20

2020 is well underway, and with the start of a new year, many of us may be struggling to stick to our new year’s resolutions. While many people have resolutions that focus on improving their health, diet or financial situations, many also set themselves career goals to hit throughout the year. Whether it’s looking for…

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What Job Would You Have Had in the 1920s?

Working Advice | Posted 16.01.20

A new year, a new decade and 2020 looks set to be the best year yet for everyone here at Cordant People! The new ‘roaring twenties’ has begun, and it got us wondering what jobs we might have had 100 years ago in the 1920s? Recruitment now is full of technology and fast-paced applications and…

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New Research Shows Many Customer Service Employees Are Unhappy In Their Job

Contact Centre | News | Posted 09.01.20

With the start of a new year, it looks like many customer service employees are looking for a new job in January.  Research has predicted that nearly 40% of workers in the industry are less happy in January than in any other month, and as a result, could start looking for a new role.  It’s…

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National Living Wage Set To Rise in April

Contact Centre | News | Posted 08.01.20

The government have recently announced that the National Living Wage is set to rise in April. This will mean a salary rise for those on the lowest wage, but what exactly are the benefits of this announcement? How does it affect businesses and their employees? What is the National Living Wage? The National Living Wage…

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Why Should Companies Offer Flexible Working?

Working Advice | Posted 06.01.20

Flexible working is becoming increasingly popular in companies across the UK, and it’s also changing the way businesses operate. From increasing employee productivity to having an edge over rival competitors when it comes to recruitment, there are many reasons as to why it’s being introduced across the country. So why should more businesses offer flexible…

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