Posted 27.01.20

With the start of a new decade, it’s looking more likely that more businesses will begin to implement AI-Technology in their contact centres. 

As we have previously mentioned, the start of a new year can mean that dissatisfied employees will start looking for a new job if they feel unmotivated. High staff turnover is a big concern for contact centres, with it having a significant impact on lost productivity and lower morale among employees. Massive workloads and daily mundane tasks contribute to staff turnover, so it is vital that many organisations start trying to tackle these issues.

As a result, many contact centres are turning to AI-based technology to improve the process for both staff and customers. But what impact can it have? We’ve put together our top uses below!

It Helps Make Life Easier For Agents

By using tech like smart chatbots, businesses can automate those daily mundane tasks, liberating their contact centre agents to handle more complex customer queries. 

But no, this does not mean robots are about to take the jobs from the agents! Customers still prefer and value a human interaction more than an automated message. AI technology should be seen as a way of empowering and enabling agents to be present in the journey with the customer.

It Can Capture Data From Customer Interaction

Chatbots and AI voice automation are a good way of capturing valuable data during customer interaction. This data can then be fed into analytics and used to optimise the call process. 

Sentiment analysis can also help by quickly spotting trends like anger or dissatisfaction in customers, usually faster than a human agent can. However, the feedback shows that the majority of customers still prefer the option to speak to an actual advisor in the call centre to deal with their issue.

AI-Technology Can Manage Large Amounts Of Data

We all know that contact centres collect vast amounts of customer data, and customers are aware of this. That is usually why they expect improved customer service in exchange for companies having access to this data. 

If they receive an unwanted cold-call from a company unrelated to them or find themselves having to repeat their details on multiple occasions when calling in, this can lead to frustration and distrust. AI-tech tackles this issue by capturing, analysing, and sharing information across platforms; all of this without being intrusive to the customer. 

It Simplifies the Customer Call Process

Customers can often get frustrated by the standard ‘press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer service’ process most contact centres have in place. Especially when it immediately follows a long wait in a call queue. 

AI can understand statements given by customers, rather than simply giving them a set of options. The next time a customer calls, rather than wait through the multitude of pre-set options, they can simply tell the AI which department they want to speak to, or what problem they are facing, so the AI can direct them to the best agent to help. 

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