Posted 18.01.21

Raising awareness of mental health and wellbeing during January is what the Samaritans #BrewMonday campaign is all about, and this year, it seems even more important. 

Following on from #BrewMonday this week, we asked our staff “What are you doing to try and keep yourselves feeling balanced whilst working from home during the lockdown?”

Whether it’s making sure to get some fresh air in each day, attempt to exercise more or just cut out alcohol from the diet – we think it’s important to share best practice right now, so with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the tips and stories from around our business that might leave you feeling inspired to implement similar tips into your day-to-day! 


“I have cut down on alcohol, and I try to find a different walking route each day to try and hit 10,000 steps”.

Bradley, Recruitment Consultant, Lincoln.


“I meditate using the Headspace App for 10 minutes most days to make sure I stay present and calm. I also do a full body stretch every morning to make sure I don’t get too achey!”

Sarah, Resourcer, Bristol.


“I found before Christmas that lockdown was making me lazy and tired, therefore with the advent of 2021, I’ve started to make it my routine that I go out for a short 20 min run every other day and this in turn has fuelled my motivation to stop raiding the fridge also. 

I therefore feel more motivated and awake as a result , the only downside is the runs are getting longer as I get fitter!”

Mark, Credit Manager.


“In the first lockdown, I struggled to maintain any structure to my life and I put on a few pounds while I worked it all out…

When we went into Tier 3 I decided to use the gym, couldn’t go to the pub or see friends so I made a conscious effort to use my time wisely – I lost one and a half stone. 

Now we are in another national lockdown the gym has closed again but I decided to invest the money I’m saving on my membership plus all the money I’m not using to socialise or eat out into a spin bike. Every day I mark the end of the working day by doing a spin class and I also go walking and do spin classes at the weekend. 

I’ve lost another few pounds since Christmas and by March I should’ve lost 3 stone in total.

Doing a class after work each day has not only made me fitter and healthier but it’s also allowed me to differentiate between work life and home life whilst working from home”.

Saffron, Branch Manager, Birmingham. 

“Things I do to survive the darkness whilst working? Use a head torch. It’s probably my old age, but it means I can see the keyboard!

PS – I do have electricity, I just don’t like lights too bright”

Kirsty, Recruitment Manager, Glasgow.

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