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Posted 05.07.21

Today we are celebrating Vicky’s five year work anniversary with Cordant People. Below you can hear from Vicky, our Principal Branch Manager for Yorkshire. Vicky talks all about her career growth, what makes Cordant People different from other employers and her advice if you are thinking about joining the CP team!

1. Please introduce yourself…

Vicky Fitzpatrick, Principal Branch Manager for Yorkshire

2. How many years have you worked with Cordant People? 

5 years and 2 months to be precise.

3. Tell us a bit about your experience with Cordant People…

I was taken on as Branch Manager of the Huddersfield office in May 2016. It was a step up from my previous recruitment role and I was brought in to manage an established branch of Cordan People. I haven’t looked back since.

4. How has Cordant People supported your personal and professional development?

I have benefited from working with and for experienced recruitment professionals who have encouraged me to grow and operate out of my comfort zone, whilst providing me with the opportunity to move into a senior Branch Manager role this year, when I became Principal Branch Manager.

5. What makes Cordant People different from other employers? 

The culture, the way that we pull together as a business and interact and collaborate amongst colleagues, Managers and Directors.

6. If you were to give a snippet of advice to someone thinking about joining the Cordant People team, what would it be?

Three things – honesty, commitment and hard work, always work by these values.

Want to join the Cordant People team? Whether you value rewards and recognition, learning and development or career progression, we might be your perfect fit. Click here to find out why you should choose to work with us!

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