Posted 24.11.21

What makes a good leader?

This week we’re celebrating World Leadership Week and along with shining a light on some of the amazing leaders we have as part of our team, we wanted to highlight some characteristics which help make a good leader so you can implement them in your role.

Value the whole team

It’s key that you understand and appreciate the value that everyone can provide to the team. By recognising what role everyone plays and realising how crucial each role is, it allows you to get the most out of every part of your team.

Lead by example

If you go into a leadership role expecting high standards, you need to be willing to set the same standards for yourself. Showing the right work ethic and setting the right example is a great way to gain the respect of your team as you all work towards the same goal.


Building a team and making connections with each member of the team is a huge aspect of being a great leader. Having empathy and encouraging each member of the team helps build confidence, giving each individual belief in their own abilities. By understanding the needs of each member and helping them feel safe in their role can set you apart from other leaders.


Great business leaders create a strong vision, not only for the business but for their team. Vision provides focus, inspiration, and a clear direction for the team to overcome any challenges or obstacles they may face. 


Whether it is within your team or external, showing good communication is vital. It means going the extra step when listening to people and rather than just listening, asking insightful questions that can draw out more important information. Being a good communicator is a key quality if you want your team to buy in and follow you to your vision. For more advice on how to improve your communication skills and encourage open conversation, click here 

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