Top Tips on Accomplishing your New Year Goals

Career Advice | Posted 14.01.22

As the new year rolls in, people across the globe start to take action on their new year’s resolution. Want to improve your diet? Exercise more? Learn new skills? Attend a new club? Look for a new job? We’ve put together our top tips to help you stay on track with your new year goals…

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Career Advice | Posted 14.12.21

As we approach the end of the year, many people see it as a time for reflection and an opportunity to start making goals and resolutions for the year ahead. It is a great opportunity to step back and really think about what you enjoy, what your purpose is and what is important to you. …

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5 Key Lessons From The Olympics

Career Advice | Uncategorized | Posted 04.08.21

As the Olympic games are coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to look back and reflect on what we can learn from the games and the athletes competing.  Teamwork There are few better examples of how important teamwork is than the Olympics. Working together and supporting each other helps us reach our own…

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The Road to Promotion: Jake & Danielle

Career Advice | Posted 10.05.21

There’s nothing sweeter than climbing the career ladder within a organisation – starting from the ground, and successfully working your way upward, brings with it an immense sense of personal pride and satisfaction. While a plethora of success stories can be found within Cordant People, we spoke with Recruitment Strategy & Development Manager, Jake Bradley…

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The Perks of Working in a Contact Centre

Career Advice | Posted 13.04.21

Working in a contact centre can often be a great place to develop your customer service skills rapidly. As well as meet some fantastic people in the form of the hard working colleagues surrounding you each day.   But that’s just the half of it, our candidates have relayed to us just how great a place…

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Rethinking your job searching during a pandemic: 4 tips

Career Advice | Posted 08.02.21

During uncertain times it’s important to be pragmatic when looking for job opportunities – when the market changes, your search mindset should too – which is why we’ve compiled 4 tips to help you rethink your approach during these difficult times.   Virtual networking Social distancing may have put an end to networking via it’s…

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Gratitude: Why it’s so important now more than ever

Career Advice | Posted 12.01.21

As we continue to navigate the sea of these uncertain times, we thought we’d take a look at ‘Gratitude’, hoping to understand how to bring more of it into our lives and why now more than ever it can be so good.  Author and Ph.D. Sociologist Tracy Brower writes in Forbes: “Gratitude is a powerful…

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Video Interview Tips

Video Interview Tips

Career Advice | Interview | Posted 25.11.20

You prepped your CV, you mastered your covering letter and you applied for the job… And now it’s video interview time. As much as we would all love to start getting our lives back to normal, as recruiters we think that the age of the video interview may well be here to stay in a…

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How volunteering can benefit your career

Career Advice | Posted 04.06.20

This week is Volunteers Week 2020 and so we thought we’d talk about the benefits of volunteering from a personal perspective and also looking at how it can increase your employability.   Benefit 1 – The Feel Good Factor Volunteering makes you feel good about yourself and as a double whammy it also makes other people…

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