Speed of Recruitment

Contact Centre | CV Writing | Interview | Job Hunting | Post Interview | Posted 14.08.19

Recruitment – it can be a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. Luckily Cordant People are here to assist with your recruitment needs and help you understand what’s going on in the recruitment world, making the process as easy as possible for you, your organisation and our candidates. Before we start It’s really…

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Spring Clean Your CV

CV Writing | Posted 15.03.19

The springtime; a time famed for cleaning and flowers, but why just stop at cleaning out your cupboards? Ever considered spring cleaning your CV too? Here’re our top tips in order to do just that: 1. Brush Away the Dust Just how long exactly has it been since you updated your CV? This can seem…

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Does your CV tell your story?

CV Writing | Posted 04.02.18

Your CV can be considered your autobiography, documenting your previous roles, qualifications, skills and even your interests – but are you missing a key element to help you stand out amongst the crowd? There’s probably nothing wrong with your current CV. It has your professional and educational history in just the right amount of detail,…

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Your CV hobbies and interests: A guide

CV Writing | Posted 16.01.18

The hobbies and interests section of a CV is often overlooked and more often than not is disregarded altogether. Despite this section of the CV is exactly what it says on the tin, it can often stump a person and leave them struggling to find exciting and interesting things to say about themselves. However, adding a personal interests…

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Telling your story with a video CV

CV Writing | Posted 10.01.18

This #NationalStorytellingWeek why not tell your story with a video CV? As career coach, Lisa LaRue outlines, “A traditional CV outlines your skills, qualifications and experience, whereas a video CV enables an employer to get a feel for your personality,” So if you’ve never considered one now really is the time, “It’s really just another…

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