THE FUTURE OF WORK: Top 12 Recruitment Trends

Tips & Advice | Posted 10.12.21

With the new year just on the horizon, we’re reviewing the top 12 recruitment trends that will continue to be prominent in 2022. The recruitment landscape has evolved rapidly over the last two years, with a global movement to virtual recruitment, candidate shortages at an all-time high, and added pressure of tech integration. From the…

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The 3 Best Staff Retention Methods 

Tips & Advice | Posted 09.12.21

One of the most important – and often least considered – aspects of running an organisation to its maximum efficiency is good staff retention. A high employee turnover can become extremely dangerous for an organisation if ignored. Glassdoor predicts the average cost to hire and train one employee will cost £3,000 and 27.5 days.   …

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Survival Guide: Working over the Christmas Period

Seasonal | Tips & Advice | Posted 01.12.21

The festive season is here and whilst the Christmas period for many involves a few days off work to eat, drink and enjoy good company, not everyone has the luxury, with over 1 million people working on Christmas day in the UK every year. Are you working over the festive season? We’ve put together a…

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World Leadership Week 2021 – Tips from our MD, Darren Roscoe.

Tips & Advice | Posted 26.11.21

To mark World Leadership Day 2021, our MD, Darren Roscoe sent us his thoughts on what makes a good Leader, the traits and skills that will help anyone looking toward a future leadership role. Read what he had to say below:   Hello Everyone, My name is Darren Roscoe, and I have the pleasure to…

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5 Must-Have Qualities of a Great Leader

Tips & Advice | Posted 24.11.21

What makes a good leader? This week we’re celebrating World Leadership Week and along with shining a light on some of the amazing leaders we have as part of our team, we wanted to highlight some characteristics which help make a good leader so you can implement them in your role. Value the whole team…

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Managing Stress

Tips & Advice | Posted 04.11.21

The 1st to the 5th of November 2021 is Stress Awareness week so we wanted to take the opportunity to share some hints, tips and methods for managing stress be it at work or at home.    Exercise Working exercise into your routine can be a great way to relieve stress, that doesn’t mean you…

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