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Think working in finance is all numbers, numbers, numbers? Think again. It’s an incredibly varied industry – encompassing roles from stock brokers and accountancy right through to risk analysts and finance clerks. Yet what unites every position in finance is the need to be intuitive, analytical and decisive. The pressure can be intense, the hours can be long. But lucrative salaries and job satisfaction mean you will never feel short-changed.

Why choose Cordant People?

You know what they say about money. Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves. We take a similarly meticulous approach to finding your ideal job in the finance sector. You see unlike some other recruiters, we take the time to get to know you. When you tell us about your experience and your ambitions for your next job, we listen. Then we do our best to suggest vacancies that you can prosper in, rather than simply interviewing you for the first rough match that comes along. From board-level positions to graduate roles, we have been placing candidates in the finance sector for more than twenty years. We can do the same for you.

Sounds good?

Let’s turn career bust into career boom. Send us your CV or bee-line for your nearest local branch to say hello to one of our friendly consultants. After we’ve had a chat about what you’re hoping for we can begin looking at some opportunities together. Or browse our current finance vacancies online.

Looking for a job?

Your next job - it matters, doesn’t it? Let’s get together to make sure your next move really fits your skills and makes you happy - whether you’re looking for something full-time, part-time or temporary.

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Searching for staff?

We get to know our candidates as well as we get to know your business. That’s why you can expect introductions to well-matched professionals who can’t wait to work for you - whether you’re looking for temporary staff or your next big hire.


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With over 40 branches as well as four fulfilment centres across the UK. Find your nearest and let’s start talking about your career.​

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